Arrival in Medan and Pre-Op Consultation


I arrived in Medan albeit bleary eye since I was not able to sleep due to the excitement!

Because I have never been to Medan, I requested the optional Pick Up service that the clinic provides. Upon exiting the arrival gate, I met with Tommy ,the driver, who was holding my name up on a piece of paper. He was very punctual and the ride to the clinic was quite fast despite the short traffic just before we reach Dr. Tjandra clinic.

When I arrived at the clinic, I was greeted by the lovely nurse Yusma. I was given a form to fill out my personal details and the video and photographic consent form to sign. After, she proceeded to give me a welcome letter from Dr Tjandra and 2 post-op care kits. The first kit is the medication such as : antibiotics, painkillers and an iron supplement and the second kit is for wound dressing such as : ointments and bandages. She also asks what I would like to have for lunch and dinner. I am able to order my own food or order from the menu that the clinic has. Because I was so tired from lack of sleep and the flight, I opted the latter. After writing down my food order, nurse Yusma told me to go up to my room to take a shower and wait there until I am called for a consultation with Dr Tjandra.

Another lovely nurse helped me with my luggage and brought me up to my room, which was on the second level. En route to my room, I was shown to the kitchen/dining area where I could get drinking water and where to get my cutleries.

My room was very simple but it was clean. I unpacked my luggage, took a shower with dettol and read the welcome letter and the leaflet that comes inside the post-op care kits.

Pre-op Consultation

It was around 12 noon that the phone in my room rang, signaling that Dr Tjandra is ready to see me for the pre-op consultation. Having watched his videos,  Dr Tjandra is exactly how I envisioned him to be : pleasant, candid and very animated character. He asked me what I would like to do, and I told him that I am interested in doing 3D liposuction on my thighs and fat grafting to my breasts.

He examined my thighs and informed me that it is best to do my left and right thighs separately in order to maximize the amount of fat aspirated. I was very relieved to hear that because initially I thought doing my thighs separately refers to both inner and outer thighs, not the whole left and right thighs. I asked Dr Tjandra if my skin will retract nicely, because sagging skin does not look good at all, he assured me that I will not be left with loose skin.

I was not able to do fat grafting to my breasts in this session because there was not enough space between my breast tissue for him to inject. I had anticipated this as the emails I exchanged with Dr Tjandra mentions that most women who has never been pregnant and breast fed will have tight breasts. For my next visit, I am encouraged to use breast pumps system such as Noogleberry or Brava, to be used daily for a month before my next visit to create more space in my breast tissue.

Although I have read the pre-op consultation PDF that was sent by Jennifer, after the physical assessment of my thighs and breasts, Dr Tjandra still took the time to explain in great detail and length of what is about to happen during the surgery. He explains the type and method of liposuction performed, advantages and disadvantages of traditional liposuction, risks and complications that may occur during the procedure and the steps he takes to minimize them. He even showed the liposuction tool that he uses: plastic syringe and metal cannula.

When I was watching his videos, I never understood why Dr Tjandra would sometimes be covered in sweat. I was under the impression that aspirating fat using a light tool such as plastic syringe fitted with a metal cannula, should not be that hard. So during the consultation, he gave a demonstration by asking me to pull the plunger to show how taxing it actually is to aspirate the fat out. Wow, I was very surprised to find out that it is really hard to pull the plunger. And since the plastic syringe can only hold a finite amount of fat, Dr Tjandra has to repeatedly empty the syringe and pull the plunger all over again to suck the remaining fats!

The consultation took around 1 hour and after, Dr Tjandra told me that we could start the surgery after lunch.

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