Thighs Liposuction S1 : The Surgery


It was around 2.30 pm that I was guided to a room where nurse Yusma measured my weight, blood pressure and body temperature. Soon, Dr Tjandra entered the room to do a brief check up using a stethoscope and he began to prepare my (non dominant) hand for IV insertion. Unlike other doctor or nurses that I have been with, Dr Tjandra showed an incredible amount of patience in finding my vein. He was very gentle and since the IV cannula was quite small too, the IV insertion was not painful.

After the IV line was started, we moved to the adjoining room where I recognized from his videos, was where the videos were taken and the surgery would be performed. We did a series of pre-op whole body assessment: starting from the upper body, torso and the lower body. Following that, my thighs were disinfected with iodine and I was ready for liposuction!(During the consultation Dr Tjandra mentions that as an interactive surgery, I would be asked to : bend, extend and even stand up to allow him to aspirate the maximum amount of fats from the whole circumference and length of the thigh. This is to ensure the best possible outcome of the liposuction.)

Video of thighs marking

As I laid on the operating table, I was feeling very excited to the prospect of having a much slimmer and nicer looking thighs more than frightened of the procedure. The excitement was quickly subdued when both Dr Tjandra and nurse Yusma administered the LA/painkiller simultaneously. Dr Tjandra was injecting on the incision sites on my left thigh and nurse Yusma was injecting through my IV. (Even as I am writing this, I can still remember the pain that I felt as the LA was coursing through my veins!).

I think I only a few seconds of reprieve before Dr Tjandra injects another solution, tumescent anesthesia, to my left thigh. And just like any type of anesthesia, the tumescent anesthesia hurts greatly.

Video after the introduction of tumescent anesthesia to left thigh

For all the anesthesia that were administered to me, I was hopeful that I would be drowsy (just like his previous patients) and that the remaining of the procedure would be (relatively) painless.

Alas, that was not the case.

I was still whimpering in pain and sucking in my breath each time the cannula was inserted. Bear in mind, although I did the 3D thighs liposuction, the pain that I felt was not for the whole thigh. I think the liposuction was just very painful along the inner thighs and round the knees. And I could actually feel when the cannula was near the end of nerve, because my thigh felt like it was pricked by tiny needles all around! (not painful, but just startles me). In the middle of the surgery, I was actually administered a second dose of LA/painkillers! Perhaps my pain threshold was not high or the painkiller dosage was low, I didn’t think the second dose of LA/painkillers alleviated the pain very much. (Come to think about it, just after Dr Tjandra started the IV line, he asked if I was a drinker? I replied no. But what I did not mention is that I have alcohol tolerance level. Maybe this is why I was still quite susceptive to the pain and not as foggy or drowsy like other patients.)

And to conclude the surgery, Dr Tjandra asked me to stand up and we did another video of my thighs.

Video comparison of left and right ,after 3D Liposuction of left thigh.

Just before I was to be bandaged up and released to the next room to be monitored, Dr Tjandra examined the overall contour of my thighs and saw that my outer thigh could be aspirated a bit more. He asks me to brace myself as he proceeded to liposuction the bit of fat from the outer thigh in an upright position. Maybe it was the sheer combination of pain, fear and (perhaps) a little blood loss, I almost fainted from this. I told the nurse, who was supporting me in front, that I think I was about to faint! But before I could collapse on the floor, Dr Tjandra strong arms and with the help of an assistant’s aid, they quickly hauled me up to the OT! Luckily my blood pressure went back normal and I was not required to be put on IV drip!

Soon enough, I was released to the next room to have my compression tights worn and my BP and heart rate monitored. It was around 19.30 that I was given all clear and was able to return to my room with a lovey assistant assisting me up the stairs. Although I felt fine, I was greeted by a wave of nausea shortly. I told nurse Yusma about my nausea, she quickly informed the doctor about it. Soon Dr Tjandra brought 2 vials of anti nausea medicine to inject for me. (oh yes, it stung!) The nausea passed and I was able to rest comfortably throughout the night.

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