Thighs Liposuction S1 : Post op Day 1 + 2

The next day after the surgery I woke up to find that my thigh has swelled greatly over the night. While I felt little to no pain after the procedure, my thighs felt uncomfortable and sore. The discomfort and (a degree of) pain was felt each time I walk and each time I went to use the restroom. I was walking very slowly and dragging my left feet the whole day and not to mention going to the restroom is a hassle! I am unable to bend my left knee and with the IV line still on my left hand (plus the swelling of the left thigh), pulling the compression tights up and down was very hard. I was tempted not to drink much water so that I do not need to go to the restroom as often, but if I do so, I am not giving my body the chance to flush out the toxins properly. The hand rail installed in the restroom was a life saver! (I mentally thank the doctor for installing them each time I grabbed onto the hand rail.)

I was dreading the lymphatic massage as previously read that one patient was screaming in pain. I am relieved to say that the massage was bearable and it did brought a degree of comfort to my thighs, as nurse Yusma was very gentle in massaging the area with a massage cream. After, she applied ointments and medical gauze to the incision areas. (Although the leaflet inside the post op care gave instruction about this, I think it is worthwhile to observe how nurse Yusma applied the ointment as you may still need to apply it by yourself when you fly back home.)

After lymphatic massage, as you can see my left thigh is as huge as my non lipoed right thigh

Usually Dr Tjandra does another post op video on the next day, but in my case because my thighs were swelling hugely, he decided not to record it. I asked why did my thigh swelled so much, and he replied it might be due to the fact that the compression tights I had were not tight enough. I was encouraged to get a special post op compression garment, like Design Veronique, or a better type of 2XU compression tights (the tights that I previously have were not the latest MCS type).

Afterwards, I was squeezed back into my tights and had an elastic bandage wrapped around my thighs to provide more compression and stayed in my room pretty much the whole day.

Day 2 was better even though my thigh was still very swollen. My day started with Nurse Yusma giving me lymphatic massage and tending to my incision wound. Later, I managed to walk (more like limp!) to the near by salon and went to the mall with a lovely patient that I met during my stay. My appetite was much better compared to yesterday, where I almost did not eat the whole day except for breakfast and a little bit of rice.

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