Thighs Liposuction S1 : Post Op Day 9

As my leg was improving, I decided to fly back on post op day 3. My thigh was not as swollen as post op day 1 and I was able to walk albeit better too.

Although I feel like I am swelling more than other patients, on the last day in his clinic, Dr Tjandra remarked the minimal bruising I had. I would credit this to the minimally invasive technique of liposuction he used and the useful advice that was given to all prospective patients, taking Arnica Montana or this particular herbal remedy to reduce the amount of bleeding during the procedure. (The herbal remedy is safe for both human and canine consumption too!)

The flight back was extremely uncomfortable because I am sure that my left thigh swelled even more during the flight. Since I barely got up from my seat, the swelling around my left knee and my left calf was making my whole leg super uncomfortable. So yes, at this point the swelling has extend to my left calf and ankles too.

I was very happy to be back home and was excited to relay my experience to DM. I showed DM my thighs and DM pointed out that my left hip is slimmer than the right side!

What I did immediately after I came back was to find a place that offers lymphatic drainage massage. I feel that if I went for lymphatic drainage massage on the early stages of my recovery process, I feel like I would recover so much faster. So, in the last week I have been visiting the massage place everyday and it was a good thing that the massage place was just en route to my workplace.

In addition to the lymphatic drainage massage that I went for, I also took the time to gently massaged parts of my thighs (with baby oil) that felt firm to touch at night. I was careful to avoid some of the incision sites, because out of the 7 incision that I got, 3 are still healing. Since I am susceptible to hypertrophic scarring, I applied hydrocortisone cream on the wounds that has healed, and used Bactigrass and Gentamycin on the wounds that hasn’t healed. (The incision marks were very small and discreet. It looked more like an insect bite that you scratch compared to a surgical incision mark.)

I should probably point out that while my swollen thigh felt soft and tender a couple of days after the procedure, as the swelling slowly and gradually decreases, the swollen parts changes to become more firm to touch. The striking difference in the consistency of my left thigh can be felt from post op day 4 on wards.

Even though Dr Tjandra mentioned that the result of the thigh liposuction won’t be seen for at least 6 months, on post op day 5, I can already see that my frontal thigh fats were gone and I did not even tell Dr Tjandra how I feel about my frontal thighs! It was so much leaner from the side view and tapers down quite nicely too from the front view. (amazing!)

From post op days 5, I noticed that my bruises were healing in varying stages of purple to yellow color. Most of the bruises can be found at the back of knees, along the inner thighs and some near my hips. Where the bruising are found, those areas were numb to touch. My left calf and ankle were the victims of swelling too due to spending long hours at work on my feet. I guess the swelling from my thighs traveled down. It was only around post op day 7 on wards that I was able to walk normally and climb up the stairs with relative ease.

But as my thighs continue to de-swell, on post op day 9, I noticed that my inner ankle was bruising. Initially I was very worried as I do not understand why it was bruising, so I sent a message to Jennifer to ask about it. She informed me that it was nothing to worry about and that sometimes the bruises can “track” down to from the thighs to the feet. I was super relieved to hear that and continued to apply the Thrombopop gel on my ankle too.

Last but not least, some NSFW photos of my lovely left thigh on Post op day 9. For more photos, please view my instagram page.

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